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*Update* I am satisfied with the result I got with pursuing this store. I was already in talks with the owner/manager.

He wanted me to keep everything and give me a 30% refund. While I was waiting for him to get back to me (he said he had to speak with Customer Service), I called the complaints dept of the Mall, and told them my story. I was then referred to the property manager. She emailed the owner/manager that I was talking to.

He then contacted me and told me that he was going to give me 50% back and let me keep everything. Note: I did get a Perfectio Plus (infrared medical device for facials) and a regular Perfectio as well as many products. I'm giving one away to a friend. In all fairness he was accommodating and wanted my feelings about my experience to be repaired.

I have an appointment to pick up my check. He did good and insured me they are trying to change those high pressure tactics with those employees. I am satisfied with the outcome. My advice to anyone who is offered a free sample in front of a cosmetic store or at a kiosk, is to take your sample and keep walking, fast!

If you choose to go in for a demonstration, be prepared to be firm and walk out after saying no over and over again. If you want any product of any kind, google it first. Price check. If you are curious about a store, check out reviews first.

One last thing: Don't feel stupid if you've been pressured into spending crazy money. We are all vulnerable at times for different reasons. But know this: You can always fight it. Go to the property manager of the mall.

Go to the top and if that doesn't work, go to your local TV station. You're not alone.

I'm proof of that. Good luck!

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2019

I went into Resveralife in the Oshawa Center. A lady offers me a demonstration. Long story short, after 2 sales people are fast talking and pressuring me, telling me I’m getting a great deal (it’s amazing how the price on expensive product goes down) I cave and spend almost $600. 2 products. But hey, I get a few facial. Sheesh.

I’m too embarrassed to tell you what I was pressured into spending during and after my “free” facial. Ok, it was $5000. I kept saying no no no. I was then hungry, tired and pressed for time to get to a dr appt. I told them that. The rest is history. This is NOT my norm. I emailed, called, went into the store and complained and they’re all Eastern European pretty boys that sweet talk you. I told them to stop with the sweet talk. Same with the female sales person.

There’s more to the story. I also got a Perfectio Plus. The product was “free”.

I’m still waiting to connect with the manager/owner. He said he’s going to talk to customer service to see what he can do to make my experience a happy one. I told him I’m not going in for my 14 “free” facials to be pressured again and that I was angry. I’m not letting this rest. I know I’m not alone in this. This is far from over.

Do you know that the guy that gave me the facial wanted me to leave the 14 masks I got “for free” , there at the store? Right. So I would go back. Thank God I didn’t leave it.

Stay away from these people!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vine Vera Customer Care.

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

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It happened to me too!


That happened to me too

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