I got roped in at Birmingham bull ring by these vine Vera sale pitch . They Sat me down applied the products to my face an I was amazed at the difference as I have acne scars an lines an I was amazed at how it had all disappeared I got told that the guy was the worlds top skin specialist an he would call me on a Sunday an go through all the treatments step by step on the phone an I would be give free facial treatments at one of there clinics.

(Which never happened.) An if I use the creams regularly all my scaring will disappear. I had to buy the creams as I have always been conscious of my scaring price starting at £1200 for 3 products I couldn't afford that I told them . all of a sudden I can give u a staff discount but please don't tell anyone I will give it u for £650 but only today so I brought these 3 products excited thinking no more scars on my face . I have tried these products several times they don't do nothing to what they did at the sales pitch the lines and scaring do not disappear .

I feel so disappointed and ripped off £650.00 all for sh.. basically

Product or Service Mentioned: Vine Vera Serum.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I nearly got sold vine Vera in Birmingham bullring. The product was £700.

Then he could give ITV to me for £300 today only.

Then £150. He is loosing money but he doesn’t care he said.


I had same experience here is Chicago area.

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