I had a friend that used this product for a couple weeks and raved about it. I bought the resveratrol thermal mask, the serum, peeling gel and moisturizer.

The mask dried up in 2 months. It is suppose last 2 years, and the moisturizer has actually done something to make my basal cell skin cancer grow. Do not get suckered in. Not only did this product cost me a lot of money to purchase, it cost me doctor bills and new scars.

My friend has since had some problems as well.

They even put her on some direct ship plan and charged her card the original $700 that they claim it to cost and sold to her for $150 and a replenish guarantee at the same price. She has declined the charge and didnt accept the package. They are now threatening legal action for well over $1000. For a product she didnt order or accept.

My friend was scammed at our state fair. I got it at our local mall.

I now let them talk to me as long as they want and I just keep wasting their time. I figure if they are talking to me, they arent scamming someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vine Vera Beauty Set.

Store Location: 2124, 7021 S Memorial Dr unit 286b, Tulsa, OK 74133, USA

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