What a scam! I was at a Health Wellness Show and the guy tried to sell me the eye cream.

I decided to let him entertain me. He put it on only one eye and another product on half my forehead and a dead skin cell remover on one hand. He told me how he couldn't believe how the results were on me. I saw little difference.

He said the eye product retailed for $995 but the trade show price was $600, however, because I seemed like a nice guy the salesman said he'd give me his personal discount and sell it to me for $300. I said no again as I know better and then he said he would throw in the day cream and 10 samples for my friends. I went home and looked in the mirror and saw no improvement. I googled the eye product and Amazon Prime had it for $222.

To me it's really just another $30 beauty product with gimmick sales training. If you really want nice skin (and a sexy body) just drink plenty of water and eat an organic gluten free whole food plant based diet. Don't forget daily low impact exercise like walking, cycling, etc.

Healthy people don't need topical beauty products. They are already beautiful from their health within.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vine Vera Cream.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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